Film School for the 21st Century

The Course.

altFILMSCHOOL is an online film school created specifically for the 21st Century film maker.  It isn't a technical 'what buttons to press' course.  Nor does it get deep into heavy theory.  It's a creative led film school which helps future filmmakers create and tell better stories through film.  It's film making in its purest form - how to create a good story with captivating narrative arcs, the importance of characters, how often less is more, how to work with crews and ensuring you keep your creative vision front and centre.  All of this taught by Oscar and BAFTA winners and industry experts, as you create films through the course.

What Do I Need To Join?

A smartphone, a microphone, a laptop and an internet connection.  We want altFILMSCHOOL to be accessible to the best talent in the world, no matter their resources. We believe that film making can be taught, and films can be made, with modern technology and not only the most sophisticated and expensive kit. 

Collaboration is key, and is achieved through the network (your script, the shooting, the editing and post may well all be progressed in different corners of the globe), but of course you’ll also need to be able to rally up support from your friends and family to help you out on the shoot days...let’s just hope they can act…

Showcasing Work.

The course will guide on how to market and release independent films for the industry to see, and our absolute goal is to see an alumni become an Oscar winner over the next few years.  We will ensure the best films get released on the independent film circuits, festival circuits and through online distribution channels (such as Netflix and Amazon Prime).

4 Films Over 12 Months.

altFILMSCHOOL’s teaching and network is based online using tools like Slack, WordPress and Zoom to engage 100 students in the year long course.  The course is carefully plotted with regular catch ups, group discussions, and face-to-face video calls. The teaching and community is based online, with students participating from their home or workplace, and shooting films with local resources.   Filmmakers create a film every three months – so that four films are created over the duration of the course per student.