Are film schools out of your reach?  Too far away, too expensive, too elite?

altFILMSCHOOL is different.


Delivered ONLINE

1:1 support and mentorship by industry professionals

taught by oscar and bafta nominees

£5k, not £35k (the beauty of fewer overheads)

100 places, awarded on merit

kit required: a smartphone, basic microphone and an internet connection (yes, really)


We Believe.

We believe that the film industry should be accessible to the global talent pool, not just those who have lots of money, who are located in the right city or have an uncle in the business. 

A New Kind of Film School.

We are creating a new and alternative type of film school that’s affordable (£5k not £35k), based online (rather than reserved for those in New York or London) and that connects like-minded film makers to one another, to collaborate and create independent films together.  altFILMSCHOOL is for the 21st Century filmmaker and is made for the millions of storytellers in the world – who may be shooting on an iPhone or a SLR, or have fancier equipment already – it doesn’t matter.

altFILMSCHOOL blends world class teaching delivered online by experts, with 1:1 mentorship, and a global network of fellow collaborators who progress through the course together. Every graduating film maker leaves with a portfolio of great work and a network of like minded film makers to continue making films into the future. 

But the best thing…


altFILMSCHOOL gives you access to the brilliant minds of the best in the industry



Your Teachers.

Experts:  altFILMSCHOOL is taught by Oscar and BAFTA nominees who deliver seminars, answer live questions and actually critique student's coursework. 

Mentors: Each student has a dedicated mentor who guides and ensures everyone gets the best from the course and is progressing at a speed that works for their style.  These are industry professionals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Fellow students:  altFILMSCHOOL selects 100 students each year to be part of the course, and we facilitate and encourage collaboration between film makers, even if they are on different corners of the globe.  It's a social course, so work is shared with the community, and everyone shares and succeeds together.

Our Aim.

To provide the best 21st century film education in the world, housed solely online, and at a fraction of the cost so that everyone has the opportunity to learn from the best, and have their work seen by the true influencers within the business.



We are developing the curriculum as we speak, preparing for a March 2018 launch, but we need your help to make altFILMSCHOOL.  The idea is nothing without you, and we are looking for people to help shape it from the start, and help us get our message to the four corners of the globe.  Please help us build altFILMSCHOOL:


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2. Talk about us.

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3. Message us.

If you're a heavy weight player in the industry, and feel like giving back we are building our list of contributors now and we'd love to hear from you.


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